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Welcomes fans of Pediatric Cardiac Imaging

For those of you familiar with education using YouTube, Khan Academy or Coursera the capsule-based concept that underlies this site may already be familiar to you. There is a renewed focus on engagement with audiences for the intermediate to long term, rather than lecturing to them on a one-off basis. A productive teaching session would introduce critical concepts using experts, keep it focused within the attention span of average interested listeners (around 10 minutes), use the concepts as building blocks to create a big picture, moderate the session to reinforce the big picture, create opportunity for interaction, and provide resources for continuing education, recurrent interaction, and reinforcement, both online and offline.

This concept was introduced at the Society of Pediatric Radiology in 2013 at San Antonio at the focused session on cardiovascular imaging. The session contained 21 talks of 10 minutes each. The topics are very conceptual and aim to get to the core of the matter rather than expound on the matter. Most of the topics are fundamental and cater to the beginner. They are also structured in such a way (What is it, How do I do it? And Why do I do it?) so that speakers are invited to not only summarize the field in a few concepts, but are also encouraged to present their opinion as an expert.

What is it focuses on technical details that will be critical to understand for performance of a good pediatric study. How do I do it focuses on actual tips and tricks of performance including sequences, planes and calculations. Why do I do it focuses on indications for cardiac MRI in discrete conditions. The success of the session depends on the concepts from different talks building on each other to provide a nice big picture.

Most speakers at the session were kind and generous enough to provide permission to post their talks online. CMEInfo, the company that produced the DVD, generously provided the talks for online upload. Only a sampling of the talks is presented here. For those who wish to access all the talks in the session, please contact CMEInfo.

Finally, a new format of online education is introduced on ImageCHD named Practical Pediatric Cardiovascular Imaging (PePCI) which uses the capsule based format to provide resources for continuing education, recurrent interaction, and reinforcement online. This will ensure that the educational process continues long after conference sessions have ended. This will hopefully provide the impetus for new entrants to the field on a regular basis leading to an increasing pool of practitioners, an ongoing process of basic and advanced conceptual education that will cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced users alike, and provide readily available resources that the users can tap into at their convenience, thereby putting the onus on the user rather than the provider.


Rajesh Krishnamurthy, MD
Director of Research, EB Singleton Department of Pediatric Radiology,
Director of Cardiovascular Imaging,
Texas Children's Hospital,
Associate Professor of Radiology and Pediatrics,
Baylor College of Medicine